Piccolo Composer

Piccolo Composer allows you to message your customers, clients, followers -- your tribe -- from any place at any time. 

Piccolo Composer is the messaging center of the Piccolo service. If you are responsible for messaging in your small business, group, or organization, you should take a look at Piccolo.


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Sample Notes

New Product or Service

You've just spent months wrapping up your latest product or service offering. Now you're ready to introduce it to your most loyal fans. Send a note on Piccolo to let them know!

Last Minute Change

You've finished renovating your storefront and it happened three days sooner than you had advertised. Let your most loyal customers know now. Send a note on Piccolo.

Phasing Out Inventory

The latest models are coming soon, but you still have inventory of last year's model. Offer a discount to your most loyal customers by sending a note on Piccolo.


That great new location just became available and you'll be closed for a week to move. Send a note on Piccolo to let your clients know and offer an incentive to return next week. 

Special Event

The music festival is coming to your area and you're moving your food truck to the party. Make sure your foodies know you'll be there too by sending a note on Piccolo.


Weather happened ... and so did a power outage. Let all your followers know that you'll be back in business as soon as possible with a quick note via Piccolo.

What Piccolo is NOT

Piccolo is a powerful messaging service, but we don't want to oversell it. There are many tools in the market that provide businesses with messaging features. Let's enumerate what Piccolo does not do so that it's clear what Piccolo does and what its benefits are.


NOT: Business Discovery

Piccolo is not about business discovery. You should think of Piccolo as your messaging service. The benefit is that unlike social media tools, your message won't disappear in the noise of thousands of other voices on a platform. To be clear, your tribe may follow other publishers on Piccolo, but they won't be subjected to the volume of messaging that overwhelms social media today.

NOT: Customer Loyalty

Piccolo is not a customer loyalty program. We don't track your customers. We don't track anyone on our platform. That's a large component of our privacy-first philosophy. We feel that consumer privacy is paramount to consumer loyalty. In addition, with regulations about digital privacy becoming more common, Piccolo helps you communicate while maintaining digital privacy compliance.

NOT: Social Networking

Piccolo is an outbound messaging system from your point of view. There is no liking, friending, or commenting as a part of the service. Members of your tribe follow your business on Piccolo, but it's not an open group discussion. You maintain control of the voice of your organization.

NOT: Free

Piccolo was built to provide a service that adds value. We built our service using industry-leading technologies on a responsive and scalable service layer. We charge a recurring fee for the service. However, we don't charge based on customer activity or total number of followers. We don't charge based on your usage in any way. We have built a messaging service with a flat-rate monthly or annual fee.

The Bottom Line: What Piccolo Is

Piccolo is a privacy-first messaging service based on two apps, Piccolo Composer and Piccolo Notes.

For the publisher, whether a business owner, social media manager, group leader or individual, Piccolo Composer is a tool to help you build and inform your customers, clients, members, or fans. Piccolo Composer is available on iOS and Android so that you can publish your message at any time from any place.


Get Apps

Download Piccolo Composer for iOS.

Download Piccolo Composer for Android.


Monthly Subscription

$8.99 per month

Annual Subscription

$89.99 per year

Subscriptions Details

  • Both subscriptions provide a one-month free trial period so you can thoroughly evaluate the service before committing to pay.
  • Subscriptions are managed through in-app purchases. The subscription will automatically renew each month (or year, depending on your subscription choice).
  • Subscriptions can be cancelled from the normal platform (iOS or Android) subscription management tool. Subscriptions must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the automatic renewal time.

Beta Testing

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